Club Penguin Halloween Party 2011 Full Guide!

The Halloween party kicked off yesterday and we’ve got you covered with a full guide!

Free Items:

To get the first one, get into the Haunted House. If you don’t know where it is then read the guide below.

Step 1) Go to the Forrest. Waddle down the path that has a sign that says “Haunted House”.

Step 2) Now walk into the Haunted House.

Once your in the Haunted House, waddle up to the top to get the ghost costume.

ALL penguins can go in the Monster Lab 3000 now as well. To get to it, go outside  the Haunted House and go right.

Dark Chamber:

If members remember this from last year,then they’ll have no problem getting through this. Otherwise, this guide is very helpful.

Step 1) When you see the colored gases coming out of the rocks, tap the correct colored piano keys in the order the rocks did.

Step 2) Before you go any further, get a free lantern.

Now make your way through the maze by equipping your lantern. Even your night googles! 😀

Behold! Your now in the last room!

You can even pick up a free slime monster costume!

There’s even a catalog! Click on the green tab at the bottom right corner to open the catalog and buy monster parts!

Cheats!  If you click on the “M” or “K” in the words Monster Maker, there are secret items.

Scavenger Hunt:

Ghost 1:  Go to the Beach and the candy stash is behind a pile of sticks.Ghost 2: Go to the Cove. The candy stash is right next to the surfboards.

Ghost 3: Go outside the Haunted House and click on the candy stash near the door.

Ghost 4: Go outside the mine and click on the candy stash near the giant tree.

Ghost 5: The candy stash is right next to the costume show stage.

Ghost 6: The sixth one can be found at the top of the Mountain near some pumpkins.

Ghost 7: This candy stash is at the very right of the screen. Ghost 8: The candy stash is at the Dock at the very back of the room behind the graveyard fence.

Now get your free background! 😀

We’ll keep you up to date on the party over the next week! Happy Halloween!



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