Club Penguin Beta Team updates!

A lot of things has been added (or fixed) in the Beta Team list! When you log in, and  type ‘ls’ now you can see there are new stuff to test!

The Puffle Hat ideas (now is working!), Rollerscape History, Skyscraper and Places for New Map.

Puffle Hat ideas has an animation of what’s coming soon to puffles: hats! And there are LOTS of them. See by yourself:

Rollserscape History:


“Every Club Penguin project goes through different development phases. Here’s a history of what Rollerscape looked like during each phase.”

What’s interesting is the Design picture. First there is a puffle at the VR room and on the 2nd picture we see a puffle at a ice cave play at the Stage. The first concept of Rollerscape was to take your puffle to travel through all Club Penguin rooms. That would have been awesome and I think Rollerscape will be updated to travel through all Club Penguin!

That’s why, I think, it’s called Rollercape: Ice Caves and not just Rollerscape! What do you think about my theory?


Here’s an idea Screenhog had a while back, but we dodn’t develop any further. What do you think? Do you enjoy it? Should we keep developing it?

It looks pretty much like Tetris but with ‘+10’ boxes and bomb boxes. I’m not sure if I like this much. But it seems to be another arcade game isn’t it? And it still needs a lot of design to be in the game.

Places for New Map

“We’re working on concepts for a new map for Club Penguin! Here are two icons to symbolize “places” on the new map. Which one do you like better and why?”

I really don’t understand this one. They’re making a map of squared icons to represent places only? I prefer the current one on that. Icon 1 looks like the Lighthouse and icon 2 looks like it represents the Ski Hill (though not much clear). I would more go for a 3D map as a new map don’t you think? 😀

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown


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Hi, I'm Yellow Crown and I'm a Club Penguin fan. I've been playing Club Penguin since August 2006 and I even have a Club Penguin blog with Fosters1537 on . I accept any friend request, add me on Club Penguin: Yellow Crown.

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