New Card Jitsu Water and Stamps Log in Screen!

There are 2 new Log-in screens and the Card Jitsu Fire screen looks like comes up more often everytime you go to log in.

First, here is the new epic Stamps log in screen. It shows the new stamps of Cart Surfer and the new black puffle stamps too!

Secondly this new ninja Log in screen is getting us prepared for ‘a new challenge’.

The screen flashes with lightning and ninjas and the Sensei show up in a few seconds. Sweet, eh?

Many believe that this is for Card Jitsu Water.

And here, I have proof why this screen IS about Card Jitsu Water. Click on this new Card Jitsu log in screen and look above, your address bar:


I think we all know what CJ Water stands for ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Are you ready for Card Jitsu Water? Are you a ninja yet? No?You can read our guide to become a Ninja OR a Fire Ninja

Comment below and tell us what do you think of Card Jitsu Water!

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown

About Yellow Crown

Hi, I'm Yellow Crown and I'm a Club Penguin fan. I've been playing Club Penguin since August 2006 and I even have a Club Penguin blog with Fosters1537 on . I accept any friend request, add me on Club Penguin: Yellow Crown.

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  1. my blog isnt moving, i’m coming to make another one, thanks for posting, so you want to change my header? okay i need to to join my team then, i need your email to register u. ok thanks again!


    • Ok, but I won’t contribute much to the team since I’m sticking to this blog. But if you need any designs liek a Header send me an email. My email is attached to the comment I left in your blog. Just edit my comment and you’ll see it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. ok, so i need a banner that represents the storm, raining new catalog stuff, like yours but new clothing on the penguins.


  3. dude i cant wait for card jitsue water!

  4. I love the new Card Jitsu Water! It is such a fun and easy game. It came out today, and I already became a water ninja! I can’t wait till Card Jitsu Snow comes out!

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