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Free Club Penguin codes 2500 coins – June 2013

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It’s a new month, and that means a new set of 500-coins codes. Simply log in to your penguin and before logging in to a server, click on the ‘Unlock Items Online’ button and then ‘I’ve got a code’ and enter the following codes:

  • ORANGE20
  • SILVER21
  • CAMERA90

BIG Thanks to Thinknoodles of Club Penguin Insiders for the codes.

Each code consists of 500 coins, so if you enter them all you get 2500 coins! Sweet!!

Keep checking back for more news, cheats, free codes and more!

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Disney magazine reveals Club Penguin 2012!

SPOILER ALERT! Though it’s not much of a spoiler, more of a teaser. Remember the 2011 Whiteboard leak about a year ago? This year we also got a sneak peek of what the team is working on for 2012. The Australian Disney magazine had a Club Penguin calendar with it which also had hints what’s coming that month! Pictures of Mickman5 from Saraapril’s blog!

Underwater Party, Quest from Rockhopper and goblins in Halloween Party read more to find out what 2012 hold for us Club Penguin fans!

January: Look out for the Underwater Party this month! The Underwater Party 2012 is confirmed for first time and returned from 2008!

February: Yarrr… How will you fair on Rockhopper’s Quest this month? Rockhopper’s Quest 2012, we had no idea about it!

March: Spend time with your puffles this month Puffle Party 2012 may make a return but a month later tan usual. Agent Puffle Handler may also be around the island for the first time!

April: There’ll be lots of jokes and surprises on Club Penguin in April April Fools 2012 for sure!

May: Battle as a Ninja Possibly new Card Jitsu Snow journey? And what about the usual Medieval Party in May?

June: Be a rockstar this month with Music Jam Music Jam 2012 will return for its 5th time!

July: No comments. I guess the team is still planning what’s for that month.

August: Psssstttt… are you ready for your next EPF mission? Herbert may wake up from hibernation as from Operation Hibernation in last August. Could this possibly be the rumored Operation Blackout 2012?

September: Roll up roll up… and check out the fun and games of The Fair The Fair 2012 will be back with all its fun and games for another year!

October: Have a spooky time on Club Penguin this month with lots of ghosts and goblins. Are you brave enough to enter the Haunted Mansion? Halloween Party 2012 without doubt will be the best Halloween Party in Club Penguin yet! Also goblins in Club Penguin are new…

November: No comments. Hm, or could this be the month of Card Jitsu Snow or Card Jitsu Shadow?

December: Don’t forget to look out for Coins For Change – you can donate coins to great real-life causes Of course, Holiday Party 2012 and Coins For Change 2012 next December!

Not a lot of spoilers, but the Underwater Party 2012 and Rockhopper’s Quest 2012 are good news ! What are you excited for most?

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Club Penguin Magazine is here?

Remember when we uploaded a picture of a sneak peek of what’s coming in 2011? And under April a ‘CP Magazine’ is scheduled:

And on the web-page to order the Australian Disney Magazine there’s something interesting for Club Penguin fans!

The Club Penguin Magazine is on the cover of the Australian Disney Magazine. Do you think the Disney magazine will feature a Club Penguin magazine or is it just Disney advertising the upcoming Club Penguin magazine? 😐 Hmmm…


We’ll let you know when we find out and when the first issue of the Club Penguin magazine is coming out!


Waddle On!

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