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New EXCLUSIVE Video: First Club Penguin Short!

We have seen on a Card Jitsu Snow teaser that was wrongly stated what is coming in November, as Card Jitsu Snow has been delayed and there was no sign of a Card Jitsu app – things a looking up. The same teaser predicted a Club Penguin short series will be airing on Disney Channel. Though November might be over, Happy77 uploaded one Club Penguin short!

For the first time ever, Club Penguin has a short length videos with stories happening in the island with penguins with voices instead of speechbubbles starring character penguins too! Happy77 uploaded the first short exclusively to the What’s New blog and You Tube:

The story is short but cute, the animation art is amazing and the voices are cool! Happy77 also said there will be MORE soon too! Do you think these shorts will stick to You Tube or will be airing short on Disney Channel soon?

Waddle On!

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