Club Penguin Parent Update!

Penguins, check your email inbox because Club Penguin has sent an email about the upcoming new safe Chat system and Friends system, the Halloween Party which also gives out a free item code PUMPKIN1 and a small reminder of Club Penguin’s 6th Anniversary Party!

Check it out:

Dear Parents,

Is October a busy month at your house? It sure is on Club Penguin island! Over the next few weeks we’re launching a ton of exciting features and events. And they’re all about fun for your child and peace of mind for you!

Friends Chat Faster. Find Friends Faster.

Coming soon, your child will be able to add more friends than ever before – and find them online faster!

They’ll also have an easier time chatting with those friends. We’ve developed new, intuitive chat technology that uses what a player is typing to suggest safe phrases. Penguins who want to type in their own messages still can – and everything goes through our filters and moderators – but they’ll have the option of choosing from a few hundred thousand, pre-approved phrases.

Halloween Unlock a Free Halloween Treat

From Oct. 20 – Nov. 1 the island will transform for the biggest Halloween Party EVER. Your child can dress up like a ghost, go trick-or-treating, and visit the Haunted House.

As an added bonus, we’ve created a special Halloween surprise. Have your child login to

, then click the “Unlock items online” icon. Enter the code PUMPKIN1 to claim a spooky virtual treat.

Birthday Celebrate Club Penguin’s Birthday!

October 24 marks our 6th Anniversary! In the Coffee Shop, there’ll be cake, a brand new Year Book, and this year’s exclusive party hat.

And here’s a tip to pass along to your child: Aunt Arctic will visit the Coffee Shop during the Anniversary Party, and if they meet her, they’ll earn her rare Stamp.

We hope you and your child enjoy all the celebrations this October! Let us know what you like best.– The Club Penguin Team

About Yellow Crown

Hi, I'm Yellow Crown and I'm a Club Penguin fan. I've been playing Club Penguin since August 2006 and I even have a Club Penguin blog with Fosters1537 on . I accept any friend request, add me on Club Penguin: Yellow Crown.

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