Club Penguin April Fool’s Party 2011 Cheats!

The 2011 April Fools party for Club Penguin is here! 😀

Free Items:

Go to the Dock, throw snowballs onto the canvas, and you get a purple propeller hat!

Scavenger Hunt:

Go to the Snowforts and go through the box teleporter to get started.

There are 7 bizarre rooms to visit, each containing one of the items on the Scavenger Hunt list. (Click the picture to enlarge.)

Click the box in the top right corner of the screen and click “Continue” to start the scavenger hunt.

The first piece is in the center of the room! 😛 That was easy!

The second piece is in the desert room. Go into the box with the cactus on it, and the piece is near some mountain.

The third piece for the box is located in the doodle place. Enter into the portal with the pencil on it. When your in the doodle place, click on the blue pencil.

The pencil will draw the box piece!

For the stapler, you have to go to the Space room. ( Portal is the one with the Mars Planet on it.) When your in the room, there are stars above you. Begin connecting the dots! 😀

When you connect them all, the stars turn into a giant red stapler!

For the next box piece, go into the portal with the jester hat on it. When your in the room, you’ll find it on the red button thing.

For the next box piece, go into the room with the stairs on it. You’ll find the piece in the middle of the floor.

For the tape, go into the room with the barrel on it. Once in there, go through all the different barrel doors, until you get to the end. Waddle onto the tile to reveal the tape! 🙂

For the last box piece, go into the room with the ice cream cone on it. Click on the giant silver spoon to reveal the last box piece.

You win! You receive a box outfit!

Then, you can go to the Box Dimension after you finished the hunt and step on the big box to get to the Strange Dimension!

Lastly click on the locker to unlock two Box Delivery items to wear!

Sweet! Plus try to wear ONLY the Box Delivery Outfit and Hat and dance and you’ll be ticking a checking list! 😀

About Fosters1537

My name is Fosters1537 and I run the blog with Yellow Crown. We are committed to providing the best cheats and full details on everything Club Penguin related. I am a long-time Club Penguin player since 2007 and am happy to accept any friend requests. My username is Fosters1537.

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  1. Thanks for uploading the info Fosters1537 and Yellow Crown’s!i! 😀 happy April fools day!

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