Club Penguin Puffle Party 2011 Cheats!

Puffle Party is here and has just kicked off! We have the full scoop!

Free Items:

The first free item is located at the Plaza. It is a Blue Puffle Hat.

Go to the Ski Village, and then go into the Puffle Show to get the Striped Puffle Jacket.

To get to the roof top, go into the Night Club, then into the Dance Lodge, and then go up the elevator.

Here’s a basic picture of the Roof top. Make sure to meet Candence! Click the picture to enlarge.

You can click on the Music Player 3000 to change the song!

Puffle Rooms:

Purple Puffle:

Waddle over to the Night Club to get into the Purple Puffle room.

Orange Puffle Room:

To get into this room, go to the Beach, and go into the Purple glowing boxes.

Your now in the room! Lots of cookies! šŸ˜›

You can also CHUCK cookies if you try to throw a snowball.

Yellow Puffle Room:

This room is in the Lighthouse.

Get your picture painted by waddling up to the area that says “Stand Here”.

Green Puffle Room:

This room is just above the Lighthouse in the Beacon. And it’s chaos! Green Puffles are running around everywhere! :lol

Blue Puffle Room:

Head down to the Forrest.

Red Puffle Room:

Argh! Head down to the Cove for a Pirate adventure.

White Puffle Room:

Head into the Mine for a cold surprise.

Black Puffle Room:

This one is located beneath the Plaza.

Click the “windows” button.

The windows shut!

And the puffle’s catch on fire!

Pink Puffle Room:

This one is at the Iceberg.

The Puffle Show:

NOTE: Only members of Club Penguin can access this event.

Head to the Ski Village and walk into the door for the Puffle Show.

Once inside, make sure to use the “Applause” button located at the bottom right corner of the screen. šŸ™‚

If you have a Puffle, walk it, and take it into the room. Walk it over to the “Start” area.

The puffle will then navigate throughout the course.

Puffle Feeding:

Head to the Snow Forts, and then go down the path for the Puffle Feeding.

Once your in the Puffle Feeding room, hungry Puffle’s will emerge from the holes.

If you try to chuck a snowball, it turns into a Puffle-O-Berry! Chuck the Puffle-O-Berry’s at the puffle’s to feed them.

Have fun with the party! We’ll keep you updated throughout the weekend for the latest coverage on the 2011 Puffle Party!



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