Herbert is attacking the EPF system!

Get ready for the second mission in the Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force System Defender game. This time, Herbert is attacking!

Start off by waddling over to the System Defender game in the EPF room.

Now click “Defend System” to start the game.

Look’s like Herbert is trying to take over the system!

In this game, you must plant guns to destroy the robot machines. The guns are found at the top of the screen. Guns cost battery. Every robot destroyed is worth 10 battery. Some robots drop battery also. Click on it to collect it.

Guns are placed on the blue tiles.Upgrading:

After you place guns down, you can upgrade them to make them more powerful. To upgrade, buy one for 500 battery, or wait for a robot to drop one and then click on the gear symbol.

Guns can be upgraded up to two times. They do A LOT of damage if they are upgraded twice! πŸ˜€

After you beat Herbert, this will show up:

There are also 3 new stamps! Try to collect all 3 of them! πŸ™‚

Check back next week for another guide!



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My name is Fosters1537 and I run the blog Fosters1537.wordpress.com with Yellow Crown. We are committed to providing the best cheats and full details on everything Club Penguin related. I am a long-time Club Penguin player since 2007 and am happy to accept any friend requests. My username is Fosters1537.

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