Club Penguin Wilderness Expedition Begins!

Start off this new expedition by clicking on the sign in the Town!

Now go down the path with the arrow pointing right.

Grab an expedition hat before you set off on the epic adventure! šŸ˜€

We’ll start this expedition off my going through a maze. Follow the machine parts.

You’ll find the first parts of machine in the far right. Click on them, and go down the right way.

The next one is above in the trees. Go directly up on the path.

In the next room, click on the gear. Go down the right path.

In the next room, click the small red circle near the rock. Now go down the bottom path.

In this room, click the small gray dot in the top left corner of the screen. Walk down the left path.

Next, click on the grey dot on the rock and go down.

And as for the last time, click on the grey dot on the tree branch, and go right.

Click on the different equipments to make the machine work. Here’s how:

Go onto the barrel…

Now once you went down the cliff, you need to build the boat like this:

And, unfortunately, you need to be a member to ride the boat. Why? Because you’d need to buy a life jacket from the stand…


.. atleast it’s only 50 coins!

Now wear the Life Jacket, jump onto the boat and you’ll be in this room next:

Brown puffle cave!

Click on the scrap of paper.

You can adopt a Brown Puffle! For free! šŸ˜€

Name your brown puffle!

Have fun with your brown puffle!


Two new Stamps were added to Club Penguin. They are for the Brown Puffle Expedition!

Pathfinder – Complete a maze at a party.

Out at Sea – Sail away from the island on a boat.

Also, try testing out the Brown Puffle’s skills and tricks. šŸ˜‰




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