New Stamps for Water Dojo construction! AND Sensei stamp?

There are 2 new stamps to earn today as part of the Water Dojo construction!

The first one is the Construction stamp. To earn this one, all you need to do is WEAR ONLY A HARD HAT and drill by pressing D on the water that is spilling out of the pipes. Here’s one at the Dojo:

Now the Explorer stamp is for members only. All you need to do is go to ALL the decorated rooms for Card Jitsu Water, even the Water Dojo!


Update: Many noticed that the Sensei stamp has been added today! This clearly shows that the Sensei will be visiting the Water Dojo this week so keep an eye for the Sensei!

I really hope non-members will be able to earn the Explorer’s stamp in another party soon! Which stamp of these 2 is your favorite? Comment belwo and tell us!

Update 2:

Yes, it has been quite a item ago but the Sensei is showing up at the Ninja Hideout and at the new Water Dojo most of the time, at many servers! So keep an eye for him! His player card looks like this AND if you click on the ‘box’ button you get his background for free!

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown


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  1. amaozng but how to get explorer stamp

    • You need to be a member. All you need to do is go to ALL the rooms that changed a bit for the construction.
      Here’s a list OF ALL THE ROOMS:
      Snow Forts
      Boiler Room
      Cave (where you drill)
      Hidden Lake
      Dojo Courtyard
      Ninja Hideout
      Water Dojo (go into the hold at Ninja Hideout)

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