Club Penguin 2010 Halloween Party!

The Club Penguin Halloween party kicked off today! There’s a lot going on right now in Club Penguin!

Halloween Candy Hunt:

1) The first piece is at the Beach hidden behind a bush.

2) The next piece is found at the  Snow Forts. It is a piece of Candy Corn that is half-way hidden in the bushes on the left side of the Snow Forts. 😉

3) Snag the third piece at the Iceberg. It is hidden behind the pumpkin stem.

4) The forth piece is found inside the Gift Shop. It is on the top shelf to the left of the door for the Gift Shop. It is a pink piece of hard candy that has a wig on it.

5) The 5th piece is found in the Pizza Parlor. It is the pumpkin attached to the Pipe Organ on the left side of the Pipe Organ.

6) The 6th piece is found at the Ski Lodge. In the furnace shuttle, click on the brownish object, and a Carmel will wedge out.

7) The second to last piece is found at the Plaza. It is in the giant bubbling cauldron with green goop. Click the goop to claim the piece of candy.

8) The last piece is found at the Lighthouse Beacon. It is next to the Telescope on the left. Click on it. You got all 8 pieces!

Now claim your prize! It is a new Halloween Background! 🙂

Free Items:

The first free item is found at the Plaza. They are purple bat wings.

Dark Chamber Walk-through:

The first area you encounter is a swampy area. To win, solve the puzzle by matching the liquid colors played by clicking them on the keyboard in front of you.

Eventually, the jagged rocks will slip down into the slime. The door will then creak open.

The next room is a completely dark dungeon as I would refer to it. Grab a free lantern and equip it so you can see in the dark. Wind your way around the darkness until you come to the entrance of the next door.

Your now in the final room. The “Monster Maker” room. Click the picture below to enlarge.

Click the little green slip of paper at the bottom of your screen.

Below is a picture of the Monster Catalog. There is a lot of new spooky items that you can buy to make your penguin look like a scary monster!

Haunted House:

Besides the Dark Chambers feature Club Penguin added to the Halloween party this year, there is now a Haunted House as well. 😀

Click on the picture below to enlarge a picture of the inside of the Haunted House.

In the Haunted House, make sure to pick up your free ghost sheet. I’m a little disappointed that they brought this back….but hey, it’s still cool for newer members of Club Penguin!

If you beat the Dark Chambers, use the door on the left side of the Haunted House to get into the “Monster Maker” room instead of re-doing the whole Dark Chamber thing again. 😉


New Party Stamps released! :

There are two new Stamps that were just released. The first one is to wear any monster-related clothes item during the Halloween Party. Easy as cake!

The other stamp requires you to complete a scavenger hunt. Easy, just complete the Halloween Candy Scavenger Hunt!

New Club Penguin Halloween Party 2010 Log-In Screen:

When you log into Club Penguin now, you’ll see a new log-in screen. Take a look at it below.

Happy Halloween!




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