Club Penguin October Better Igloo Cheats!

Club Penguin is getting spooky with all the new Halloween features this year, but this one may be the best so far! šŸ™‚

Better Igloo’s October 2010 Cheats:

Click the bottom square part of the Perched Puffle Statue for the HD TV.

Click the pearls on the Crystal Ball for the Pipe Organ.

Click on the “o” on the word Jack-O-Lantern for the Cauldron.

*Picture not available at the moment*

For the Umbrella Table, click on the computer mouse.

Click the top drawer for the log table.

Click the top hole in the Modern Art for the Climbing Wall.

Click the second bottom hole in the wall speaker for the quarter note.

Click either of the spinners on the DJ table for the drum kit.

Click the white shade on the Disco Ball for the guitar stand.

Click on the word “Disco” for the lanterns.

Click on either part of the eight note for the music stand. šŸ˜€

Enter your igloo in the contest!

The annual Halloween Igloo Contest is on but it’s only for one weekend! Make do your best to buy from the new furniture catalog and decorated and make it silly, scary, original or funny and your igloo could be featured on the newspaper AND win coins! šŸ˜€


Remeber to click on the ‘Enter Contest Igloo’ icon at the right when you’re in your igloo to submit!

Make sure to NOT change your igloo after you submit it. Good luck everybody on decorating! Remember! It’s only going on for 2 days!


About Fosters1537

My name is Fosters1537 and I run the blog with Yellow Crown. We are committed to providing the best cheats and full details on everything Club Penguin related. I am a long-time Club Penguin player since 2007 and am happy to accept any friend requests. My username is Fosters1537.

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