Secrets of the Bamboo Forrest at the Stage + New Halloween Postcards + more!

Another busy Friday it looks like! Let’s get started!

Secrets of the Bamboo Forrest play is back at the Stage:

Here is a picture of the Stage with “Secrets of the Bamboo Forrest Play” currently set-up. Click on the picture to make it bigger.

The Costume Trunk:

Check out the awesome Costume Trunk for this play!

  • Funny Pig Hat – 275 Coins
  • Funny Pig Snout – 250 Coins
  • Funny Pig Costume – 400 Coins

  • Monkey King Mask – 350 Coins
  • Monkey King Costume – 400 Coins
  • Monkey King Feet – 250 Coins

  • The Phoenix – 550 Coins
  • Phoenix Wings – 400 Coins
  • Phoenix Dress – 400 Coins
  • Guardian Dog Hat – 320 Coins
  • Guardian Muzzle – 250 Coins
  • Guardian Dog Costume – 400 Coins
  • Guardian Dog Feet – 200 Coins

To get past the bridge, you need a pin! Go to the Mine and walk up near the Herbert statue to get the Golden Feather pin.

Once you get the pin, you can walk back to the Stage and go across the bridge to get the free background. They had this free background last time this Stage came to Club Penguin.


Halloween Postcards:

There are 3 new Halloween postcards! They are very cool!

The first one is called “Trick or Treat”! Very fun! 🙂

The next one is “Costume Tryouts”. Very festive! 😉

The final one is a simple one that says “Happy Halloween!” In the background, it shows storm clouds and dark, stormy weather. Could this indicate that there will be a storm this year on Club Penguin? I hope so!

New Carrot Pin:

There is a new Carrot pin at the Nightclub near the DJ mixer.

Did you know you could win a free 1-month Club Penguin membership? Look on our homepage to find out more! Scroll down the page to find the free membership post!


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My name is Fosters1537 and I run the blog with Yellow Crown. We are committed to providing the best cheats and full details on everything Club Penguin related. I am a long-time Club Penguin player since 2007 and am happy to accept any friend requests. My username is Fosters1537.

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