How to find Rockhopper!

This is a question a lot of people want to know. Read the facts below for more information on how to find Rockhopper.

1) Rockhopper is a red penguin with a pirate hat.

2) Rockhopper goes on Club Penguin at Peak Hours.

3)  Try checking Frozen, Blizzard, Mammoth, Alpine, and Yeti. During the day Rockhopper will be on popular server and at night he will be on quiet servers.

4) There are normally 1 or 2 Rockhopper’s on different servers. Sometimes it is a bot controlling Rockhopper on one server, and on another, it is a staff member from Club Penguin.

5) Rockhopper changes servers every 10-15 minutes.

6) If you notice a room is beginning to swarm, and you see a large mass of penguins huddled, you know Rockhopper is in the room!

7) Once Rockhopper is online, rumours will spread where and on which server Rockhopper is

7) Check who is in the room and scroll down to the R’s to see if Rockhopper is in the room you are in.

And I know we already gave information on this, but Rockhopper has a new background! Check it out on my player card below!

if you look at his profile, it shows a red puffle next to him. The puffle’s name is Yarr.

You get a stamp if you are in the same room with him also!

We do not have a tracker. Sorry! To tell you the truth, pretty much none of those tracker work!! And the chatbox of some websites aren’t safe and accurate. 😉



About Fosters1537

My name is Fosters1537 and I run the blog with Yellow Crown. We are committed to providing the best cheats and full details on everything Club Penguin related. I am a long-time Club Penguin player since 2007 and am happy to accept any friend requests. My username is Fosters1537.

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  1. hi rockhopper will you always be on christmas and now can you go on breeze at the pizza place

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