2010 Club Penguin Fair Cheats and Full Guide + Rockhopper is here!

Hey everybody! Sorry for being a little late, but it looks like the Fair came a day early! πŸ™‚ Let’s get started!

Earning Tickets!

You probably all know that you win the prize’s with the tickets. Your number of tickets is displayed at the top left corner of the screen. If you log out, you lose all your tickets so earn as many as you can and claim your prize before you log out.

Games to play!

There are games spread out all over Club Penguin. The first one is the memory game! It is at the Beach!

Memory Game:

When you start the game, it will show you this.

You have to click on two cards and match them! Make sure to memorize the cards and where they are if you don’t match.

Puffle Paddle:

This game is at the Forrest!

Here the instructions that it tells you!

This game is simple. You use your mouse to hit the puffle up and down. You get more tickets for the bigger combos you score. Over time, more puffles come in. A very simple, yet fun game!


This game is located at the Cove.

Here are the instructions Club Penguin gives you!

Use your Puffle-O’s shooter to shoot Puffle-O’s into the Puffle’s mouth. Use your mouse to move the shooter and click the mouse to fire.

Puffle Shuffle/Ring the Bell:

Both of these games are at the Dock.

Puffle Shuffle is a very simple game. This is what the instructions say.

Basically, you see three different colored puffles. They all go under hats and get moved around a bunch. After the hats stop shuffling, you must pick a certain one it tells you. Try not to get it wrong!

Here are the Ring the Bell instructions.

The hammer will move back and forth. When you get it at an angle you like, hold the mouse down and get a high bar level on the hammer.and release the mouse.

Puffle Soaker:

To get to this game, go to the Snow Forts, and go into the More Games room!

Here’s a basic picture of the Puffle Soaker hut.

Here are the instructions!

Use the arrow keys to move and the space bar to shoot at the targets. This is one of the best games I’ve seen at the Fair! πŸ˜€

Balloon Pop:

This game is next to Puffle Soaker. Here are the instructions.

Move the puffle up and down with the air fan. Hold down the mouse for your puffle to go faster. Balloons will start coming down. Bump them into the sides of the cactus to get tickets! This is my favorite game out of the two new ones Club Penguin added this year! πŸ™‚

Claim your prizes!

You’ve worked hard with all the games! Now get your prize at the Forest!

Here’s a picture of all the possible member/non-member prizes! They will be adding more soon so keep a watch on the booth!

The Great Puffle Circus:

As usual, Club Penguin always has a new idea up their sleeves at the Fair every year. Well this one is the greatest so far. It is the Great Puffle Circus! πŸ˜€

Outside of the Circus Tent is a member’s-only prize booth.

Here’s a picture of all the prize’s right now that are being offered. More are coming soon so keep checking back to this booth also!

Here’s a picture of the outside of the Circus Tent for any curious non-members!

Once inside the Great Puffle Circus tent, this thing will pop down and say: : Pick an Act”

Click on any of the puffle colors for a awesome act! Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment if you want!

Here’s a basic picture of the entire Circus ring for any non-member wondering. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Rockhopper is here! πŸ™‚

That’s right people! Rockhopper is back and waddling around Club Penguin! Go to the Beach to go aboard his ship!

His new catalog he brought is awesome! Way more original than last year! Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Make sure to visit Rockhopper’s headquarters! If you check his Notice board, this is what it says:

Take the poll below about the Club Penguin Fair! One vote per day!

Make sure to keep checking back to our blog for frequent Club Penguin Fair updates!



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  1. Just saying but… The two bonus games are from 2008.
    So no new games.

    Yet in 2008, there was also a spin the wheel game. But then it was taken out. D:

  2. It was taken out because it got you LOTS of tickets easily(a cheat) and it was a buggy game.. Btw Mimo777 is waay better than Lux and fosters.. First you guys write JUST A LOT! NO NEED TO EXPLAIN MUCH! Mimo is very limited,phunny and awesome! You guys are also always busy..as if you have children..

    • There is a need to explain sometimes, especially for new penguins. But I’ll accept your feedback. What do you suggest? Split posts or just made shorter posts?

    • What’s wrong with making a long post? Do you want me to make it short, sloppy, and have barley any information. There is nothing wrong with a well informed, long post.

      By the way, the post took an hour to make. I’m not “always busy”. I’d just watch what you say next time.

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