New Newspaper July 22!

In this week’s newspaper it’s all about: Stamps, stamps, stamps and the new Music Catalog! Let’s see the headlines:

Click below to read the newspaper!


Of course it all begins with stamps! Funnily enough in the newspaper it says the Stamp Book will be out on July 27! Not July 26 like the last newspaper and even Billybob said! My guess is that it will be out on the evening of July 26.

The first article announces the new stamps and hits that in order to earn stamps by “doing things with your buddies, doing activities, and for game skills too!” And there’s also a stamp for filling igloo with furniture! Sweet! Don’t forget the stamp Happy77 told us that you need 30 buddies with the jackhammer ‘tipping’ the iceberg!


How to earn stamps…

Click below to read it. This is A MUST READ if you want to start earning stamps on July 27! In a few words this article explains how to find your Stamp Book, how to collect stamps, customize it (just what I wanted but it’s for members only!) and how to show it off or see your Buddie’s stamp books!

And to sum it up Aunt Arctic hints that you can also show off all your pin collection on your Stamp Book or just wear one of them as usual!

New at the Lighthouse: Music Catalog

The used-to-be limited edition Music Jam catalog is here to stay at the Lighthouse! Now you can buy the instruments anytime at the Lighthouse. Just perfectly next to the stage and go up there and rock with your new instrument! The article ends by saying that there will be updates in the catalog in the future. Read more about the catalog here!

Upcoming Events!

  • July 23 – New Stage: Underwater Adventure!
  • July 26 – Stamps are out!
  • July 30 – New Hidden Pin!
  • August 6 – New Penguin Style catalog!
  • August 20 – New Better Igloos catalog!
  • –  Igloo Upgrades

Waddle On!

Yellow Crown


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